Jeane Slone, Author & Book Distributor
Focusing on Powerful Women in the 1940's


She Was an American Spy During World War II
In this novel, meet Kathleen Dwyer, who on a whim answers a classified ad for a secretarial position. Little did she know that she would be entering the world of wartime espionage and spy training.
The story is about how young women were recruited to become spies, what basic training and finishing school was like and real missions they were sent on. There were very few American women spies during WW II.

This historical fiction reminds us that it was women who were the hidden backbone to make the Allies successful and who were World War It’s real unrecognized, unsung heroes. Included are the role of the glider pilot’s during the war and spy camp on Santa Catalina Island, CA.

The women took extraordinary steps to serve their country during the war as spies being sent into German occupied Europe.

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She Flew Bombers During World War II
With an inborn love for flying fostered by her father, Violet Willey, wanted to fly. It was an amazing time to be a female pilot and the book takes us on Violet's journey from flying in a  "barnstormer" airplane to piloting a pursuit. You will become immersed in her passion for flying and her unwavering quest to become a pilot during WWII. The war gave Violet the opportunity of a lifetime, which she grasped
against the wishes of her oh-so-traditional mother.
Life wasn't easy for a woman serving as a Woman Airforce Service Pilot (WASP)--a job that wasn't military, yet subject to the military control. The 1,074 brave women pilots learn how to fly over 77 types of military aircraft, crisscrossing the United States to deliver them to over 130 army bases for the men to fly into combat. Thirty-eight WASPs died in service and never left the United States. These daring young women met up with the Soviet night witches to deliver planes to them
for the lend-lease program.

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She Built Ships During World War II
   What do the Port Chicago explosion, Tuskegee Airmen, Japanese American internment, and women welders have in common?

 She Built Ships During WWII weaves all
 these fascinating events into one fast-paced
 novel. This fiction immerses the reader into
 the era of the forties on the home front.
 Three diverse women, a white welder,
  a black welder and a Japanese American
 store keeper, experience gender and ethnic
 discrimination in a man’s world.

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Women Air Force Service Pilots DVD
The author, Jeane Slone received a grant from the Sonoma County Arts Council and presented a oral history panel with six original women Air Force Service Pilots. Their amazing adventures are now available on DVD. Sound quality and visuals are excellent. Produced by the Santa Rosa Community Media Center. You may purchase the DVD for $11.99; shipping is included. Payments are handled via PayPal, please ensure that you leave a mailing address.
Publisher: Santa Rosa Community Media Center Length: 96 Minutes
Region: R1 NTSC